Sugar Hill Crafts



There is nothing quite so soothing as holding a paintbrush in my hand, contemplating what I might create next.  I paint on anything that will be still long enough.  Acrylics, enamel but oil painting holds my heart and I believe oils give us the most brilliant color

In the 1980's, I wanted to learn to paint and was tenacious enough to believe that I could.   I was fortunate enough to learn to paint first with the wonderful Priscilla Hauser, MDA, at her Cottage By the Sea in the 1980's.  After 2 weeks of training with her, I received certification to teach her method of tole and decorative painting.  It's amazing that more that 25 years have passed and every time I pick up a paint brush, that method is still alive and well! 

Sherry Nelson, MDA also graciously has given her blessing for me to teach her method of Reverse Glass Painting and this one remains my favorite and is the one that I receive the most compliments for.  

Most recently, I painted with Donna Dewberry at Plaid Enterprises and love her style as well!  


These wonderful ladies are my inspirations and teachers. 

I encourage you that if you want to learn to paint, if I can do it ~ so can you!!

It is the Simple things in life that make us happy. Sitting by the ocean, wandering through the mountains, playing music and spending time with loved ones.  Never miss an opportunity to do these things for these make life worth living. 

Come sit awhile and meander through my favorite things. 

My wish is that you'll find peace and inspiration here.

And if you should find something you fancy, let me know and I'd love to try to re-create it for you.